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Looking for Cleaning Services in KL (Kuala Lumpur)? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

DFY Cleaner provides all types of cleaning services throughout Kuala Lumpur. Not only residential houses, but we also serve hotels, event places, offices, etc.

We provide different cleaning services including office cleaning, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and event cleaning. You don’t need to worry anymore about cleaning because within a few clicks you can get our services. We have got you covered.

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Types Of Cleaning Services in Kuala Lumpur

Cleaning is the most important thing that you need. Without cleaning, everything is affected including your routine, office work, health, productivity, etc. Now, you can book cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur today! Check out all of our services below.

Office Cleaning

Cleaning is the most important thing that you need. Without cleaning, everything is affected including your routine, office work, health, productivity, etc. We have a team of professional office cleaners based in KL.

Now, you can book cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur today! Check out all of our services below.

House Cleaning

You might be busy with your schedule and don’t have the time to clean your house. We understand your problem; therefore, we can offer house cleaning services.

Our house cleaner based in KL can clean everything including carpets, dust, floors, etc.Our team would love to keep your house clean and shiny.

Post Renovation Cleaning

After the renovation, it is necessary to clean the whole mess. You cannot do everything on your own.

We have a team of cleaners that to help you with post renovation cleaning. We  will clean everything including the mess in the house due to renovation. We can also dispose of the stuff that you don’t want.

Event Cleaning

DFY Cleaner can provide the staff you need to clean after the event.

Whether large or small event- our team does it all!

You can contact us for more information about our event cleaning services today!

Carpet Cleaning

If you need help with cleaning your carpet, then we can help you.

You can now book a carpet cleaning serivces with us now.

All you need to do is to contact us and we will get the cleaning job done.

Pre-Move in/Move out Cleaning

Before you move into a new house, you need to clean it. If you need help, then you can hire DFY Cleaner for to pre-move in/moveout cleaning.

We will clean the house completely before you reach your new house.

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How To Book a KL Cleaner

The process to book with DFY Cleaner is very simple. You can get our cleaning services in KL within a few simple steps.

Request for Service

First, you need to request the service through email or message (WhatsApp). You need to inform us which service you need, and when you’re available. Whether you’re looking for house cleaner or maid service, we got you covered.

Get a Quote

After you provide us your information, we will provide you with a quote.

Once you’ve confirmed the service, we will arrange with our cleaners.


Our cleaners will reach your home, office or the desired location according to your schedule.

Let our team do all the hardwork while you focus on your daily tasks.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services in KL

Professional Team

We have all professional cleaners who have experience working in offices, residential homes, event venues, etc.

Quick and Satisfied Service

We’ve been providing cleaning services throughout KL for over 10 years.

We know what it takes to make sure that you’re satisfied with our quick and perfect service.

Easy to Hire

Within three simple steps, you can hire any of our cleaning services.

It is very simple and hassle-free without any hidden fees.

Modern Equipment

We have modern equipment to clean your home including vacuum cleanings, electric mop, dust cleaner, etc.

We will clean your house with our modern equipment.

Affordable Price

Our services are affordable, we take reasonable prices for all our services.

With DFY Cleaner, you can get the cleaning service done at the cheapest rates.

Well-Trained Cleaners

All of our cleaners are well-trained who are ready to assist you with all your cleaning requirements and needs.


Benefits of Booking Cleaning Services in Kuala Lumpur

1. The Right Tool to Do a Better Job

No matter how hard clean your house with local tools, you cannot clean it with perfection. The local tools can’t be as good as professional and heavy functioning tools. Our experienced cleaners in KL is equipped with the most modern developed cleaning tools, along with creative methods. This is because they never skimp on tiniest details. Instead of wasting time on cleaning for hours without any productive results, let our KL cleaners is capable of performing all types of cleaning services.

2. Long Term Savings

Your household items are unique, fancy, valuable, and comfortable, like furniture, carpets, drapes, and blinds. Without timely checkups and cleaning, their comfort level and life span get shortened. But on the other hand, professional cleaners that have acquired regular training can preserve the long-life of these valuable items with a regular schedule of cleaning. 

3. Free Your Time

Finding time to spend with your loved ones is getting harder every day with more responsibilities, and we are sure that you don’t want to waste your precious weekend by cleaning your house. We can help you by letting you have a free weekend so that you can spend it on whatever is important to you, like family. Go out, visit places, and when you come home, you will find your home clean and spotless.

It’s time to put down your smartphone and turn off your TV, laptops and have a family adventure and spend time with your children and develop them into fine character with confidence. We are here to take over your chores and time-consuming home cleaning tasks, so you can be free for your family.

4, Make Your Property Look Great

If you are a landlord and want to sell your property and want to get more buyers and attention, manual cleaning isn’t beneficial for you at all. You can get a good, reputable, and expert cleaning service in KL to keep your house clean. On the positive side, a fully maintained and clean house can have more buyers, and maybe you can get a higher bid than you expected due to cleanliness. So, it’s better to hire someone professional and well trained to take care of your property and increase its value at the same time.

What’s The Price For Cleaning Services in Kuala Lumpur

The price of cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur depends on a variety of factors.

It can depends on the types of cleaning services that you’re looking for, the size of the area, amount of work needed to complete the job, and etc.

To get an accurate estimate, you can contact us via WhatsApp,email or call. Our friendly team at DFY Cleaner will assist you.

Local Reviews for KL (Kuala Lumpur)

I recently engaged with DFY Cleaner for house cleaning services. The customer service support has been tip-top. The cleaners are very patient throughout the whole proceed.

I would definitely recommend for a good quality and professional service from them. 

Lay Lan

I have been using DFY Cleaner whenever I need to get my house cleaned.

Throughout the 2 years of using their cleaning services, they always professional and friendly. They make sure to get the job done on time. Highly recommend this cleaning service company.

Andrew Lau

My company recently engaged with DFY Cleaner for office cleaning services. 

They have a great customer service support. They are very patient in explaining how the cleaning service will be conducted. Overall, I’m impressed with their services.

Jason Kim

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Cleaning Services in KL

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our cleaning services in KL. If you have any questions, you can check out our FAQs page or contact us our team.

How do I book a cleaner based in KL?

Our main goal is to make cleaning services readily and easily available to everyone. You can reach out to us as you like, via phone call or website. You just need to provide all the information regarding your requirements for our services. After booking and reserving a cleaning slot for you, our team will confirm your booking. After confirmation, our cleaning team will be at your doorstep on your required day.

Why you should choose DFY Cleaner?

DFY Cleaner is a famous and reliable cleaning company in KL that people put their trust in. It took a lot of years and hard work to reach where DFY Cleaner is today. The reason that you should choose DFY Cleaner is that we provide all types of cleaning services all over Kuala Lumpur and other surrounding area. We have cleaners throughout Malaysia, and we make sure that everyone can reach out to us easily. Moreover, we provide cleaning services at an affordable rate and without any rush or hassle. Our team makes sure that our client is satisfied with the cleaning service.