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Are you looking for Move-In / Move Out Cleaning Services in Malaysia?

Let DFY Cleaner help you to take away one big burden from your moving tasks. You can now let us take care of all of the cleaning work. 

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Why Book a Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services

If you are moving, then already there are multiple loads of work on your shoulders. Packing, sorting out boxes, ceramic material, cutleries, dinner sets, and other things needs to be taken care of. With all the tension in mind, cleaning is also time-consuming work.

When you move stuff that is sitting at a specific place for years, it will leave a stain that is hard to clean. So, our team at DFY Cleaner is here to take your cleaning worries away, Whether you are moving in or moving out, we take care of all the cleaning services.

When you are moving out of a house you need to make sure that the place is clean for inspection. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impression on the landlord. And obviously, your new home to which you are moving needs cleaning before you move in. We have all the cleaning facilities from ceiling cleaning to carpet vacuuming. We got you covered.

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Why Choose DFY Cleaner?

 If you’re looking for cleaning services in Malaysia, we offer a unique difference that many cleaners don’t offer. Find out why we’re the best cleaning service company in Malaysia has to offer.

Consistent And Punctual

Our team is very punctual and always arrive on time. We are consistent in providing great service to our customers and make sure they are happy with our work.


Reliability is the most important thing. Due to the increased crime rate in the world, we need to book a reliable service provider. We know all the history and background of our staff and provide you with the trusted cleaning staff.

Best In The Business

Due to our great service at affordable prices, we are very famous all over Malaysia. Responsibility comes with a name in the business. We make sure to stay the best in the cleaning business.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We do not use conventional methods of cleaning and provide an eco-friendly cleaning service. We keep our environment clean and free of pollution.

High Technology Cleaning Equipments

We use modern and new cleaning equipment that cleans a place in very little time. All these high-tech equipment need professionals to handle, we provide you with all of them.

Professional Cleaners

We have a team that is trained specially for cleaning. Professional cleaners know how to handle all the services and how to respond to a problem (if ever comes).

Need a Cleaning Service?

How Our Cleaning Services Work

You don’t want to leave your home in a complete mess. There are some ethical and social values that you need to care about. If you leave your rented house dirty then it is obvious that it reflects on your personality.

Leaving a clean house will impress your former landlord and you will end on a good note. Booking our service is very easy. It all depends on you, what kind of work you want us to do in terms of cleaning. Just mention the type of cleaning and cleaning date, and we will reach your steps. There is a simple step that you need to follow to book our service.

Step 1: Choose a cleaning service you want and let us know

There are multiple cleaning options listed on our website. Select the appropriate and most suitable cleaning work you want us to do.

Step 2: Get a Quotation

Our team at DFY Cleaner will provide you a quote and schedule the time and date for the services.

Step 3: Our cleaners will take care of the rest

By simply doing the above steps, you have now hired us for cleaning. Our representatives will inspect your house and send our cleaning staff for the service you asked for.

However, some people worry about the security of workers. Do not worry, we hire our workers after checking their background and criminal records. We assure the safety of your house and children.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Move-In / Move Out Cleaning Services

How do I book a cleaning services?

You can simply search for the best cleaners in Malaysia. Without any doubt, DFY cleaners will be the answer to your question. Just visit our website and choose the cleaning service you want, and we will reserve the timeslot for you.


What is the price for move-in / move out cleaning services?

The price mainly depends on the service that you require. We can give you a quote after knowing the size of your rooms and your house. Contact us to get a quote, we will provide you an estimate for free.


Why choose us?

DFY Cleaner is the best cleaning service provider all over Malaysia. We provide every kind of cleaning service that one asks for. We are professional cleaners and know how to do our work. There is no one better than us in this specific field.