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Popular Cleaning Services in Shah Alam

Cleaning is an important chore that requires attention to detail, reliability, and fitness. In this busy, modern world, you do not have to do major cleaning on your own, for you can hire trusted professional cleaners to do the job.

Here at DFY Cleaner, we can provide the right cleaner for your need. From office to home cleaning and everything in between, we got it all covered.

We have a team of professionals that can make cleaning a pleasant experience for you. Our company is here to save you time and energy in cleaning so you do more with your personal or professional life.

Here are some of the most in-demand cleaning services in Shah Alam:

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaners provide efficient, high standard office cleaning that will surely make your working space neat and healthy for your employees and clients.

You can book us for one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning/ maintenance so you can enjoy a tidy space yearlong.

House Cleaning

We provide detailed and highly organized cleaning for residential properties. You can book our house cleaners for regular cleaning or periodic deep cleaning, whatever you need.

Whether you live in a condominium, bungalow or two-story apartment, we can provide the right cleaning service.

Post Renovation Cleaning

We can be the extra hand you need to clean up after renovation. We got the tools and equipment to remove every dust and dirt, and we do things following a checklist, making cleaning efficient.

Our final cleaning will let you enjoy your space more.

Event Cleaning

We can make your event more memorable by being the one to clean up before, during, or after your event.

No matter the size of the event, we provide expert service so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Carpet Cleaning

We are equipped with the right cleaning agent, tools and skills to make your carpet dirt and dust-free.

We know how to keep your carpet clean from the inside out.

Pre-Move in/Move out Cleaning

Moving can be such a chore, leave the cleaning to us so you can have more time and energy for bigger things that will help you transition into your new space in a breeze.

This entails deep cleaning from floor to ceiling.

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How To Book Cleaning Services in Shah Alam

We at DFY Cleaner would like things to be easier for our clients. You can book our cleaning service WhatsApp or via phone call. If you book via WhatsApp, you just have to provide basic information such as your contact number and location and the cleaning service you need. You can also tell us special instructions so we can take care of them accordingly. When you choose to call us to book, we will also get the same information.

After the consultation, we will match you with our cleaner and reconfirm for proper scheduling. Payment can be made online or in person. You can be sure that our team will arrive promptly on the scheduled cleaning day.

Request for Service

First, you need to request the service through email or message (WhatsApp).

You need to inform us which service you need, and when you’re available.

Get a Quote

After you provide us your information, we will provide you with a quote.

Once you’ve confirmed the service, we will arrange with our cleaners.


Our cleaners will reach your home, office or the desired location according to your schedule.

Let our team do all the hardwork while you focus on your daily tasks.

Why Book Our Shah Alam Cleaners

Professionally equipped

It is important to have right tools and equipment to make cleaning efficient and effective. DFY Cleaner has the latest technology in cleaning to meet the needs of various clients.

Organized Team

Our team will come to your property with a checklist on what to do first and last.

Completion of every cleaning comes with a plan for a high standard of service.

Trained Cleaners

We believe in the value of training our personnel in order for them to provide a high level of service.

Our cleaners and maids go through rigid training and assessment to ensure they are ready for the job when they go on the field.

Wide range of cleaning services

Our cleaning is not limited to residential or regular office cleaning.

We provide moving in or out cleaning, post-renovation cleanup, and others, and we render services with your needs in mind.

Affordable Price

Our services are affordable, we take reasonable prices for all our services.

With DFY Cleaner, you can get the cleaning service done at the cheapest rates.

High Standards

DFY Cleaners is committed to providing expert cleaning services that care about your needs. We offer consultation to know your preferences and major concerns and make sure that we render a specialized level of service.

Why Hire a Cleaning Services in Shah Alam instead of Doing it yourself?

Ever wondered why it is a better idea to book cleaning services instead of doing it yourself? Here’s why:

Stress-free Cleaning

If you want to feel ease and want to layoff the pressure off the stress of daily life, you must hire a professional house cleaner. Nowadays, an experienced house cleaner is affordable, and the charges are quite low for cleaning your house.

A professional Shah Alam Cleaner knows exactly how to transform the home and commercial areas into a sparkling clean place.

Keeps Home Clean and Tidy

If you are the owner of a property, paying professional cleaner for cleaning and protecting your home is important. Because in the future, if you want to sell your house, then you should maintain it well to get a higher price tag by the buyer, so keeping it clean will be a smart strategy. Professional cleaners clean everything according to the schedule. Thus, your house remains clean from every corner. You can welcome guests at any time.

Professional Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Professional cleaners are well-equipped. They have advanced tools and modern technology to make your house or commercial are spotless. You don’t need to buy expensive cleaning tools and spend money on their maintenance. Professional cleaners bring all the required tools with them and help you clean your house. They are also equipped with cleaning supplies required for the cleaning. So, you can relax on your couch and enjoy a cup of tea, and the cleaner will complete the job on its own.

Professionals are Experts

There are different levels of home cleaning, from light version to powerful deep cleaning version to spring cleaning and beyond. You cannot clean everything on your own. But professionals cleaners are experts. They know how to complete the tasks with perfection. No matter whether you want to clean your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or kitchen, professional cleaners take care of everything. They effectively clean everything without any disturbances.

Price Of Cleaning Services in Shah Alam

The price of cleaning services in Shah Alam depends on a few factors.

This includes

  • Types of cleaning services
  • How much work needed
  • Number of cleaners needed for the job

To make sure we provide accurate information, it is best for you to call us so we will know what you need and how much you have to pay for the service.

Price To Hire a Cleaner in Shah Alam

What Our Customers Say About Cleaning Services

I recently engaged with DFY Cleaner for house cleaning services. The customer service support has been tip-top. The cleaners are very patient throughout the whole proceed.

I would definitely recommend for a good quality and professional service from them. 

Lay Lan

I have been using DFY Cleaner whenever I need to get my house cleaned.

Throughout the 2 years of using their cleaning services, they always professional and friendly. They make sure to get the job done on time. Highly recommend this cleaning service company.

Andrew Lau

My company recently engaged with DFY Cleaner for office cleaning services. 

They have a great customer service support. They are very patient in explaining how the cleaning service will be conducted. Overall, I’m impressed with their services.

Jason Kim

Popular Services Areas

Here are some of the popular locations that we also provide cleaning services.

Such as office cleaning in Kuala Lumpur, carpet cleaning in Petaling Jaya, house cleaning in Klang, post-renovation cleaning services in Puchong, or event cleaning in Cheras.

Our cleaners know what it takes to get the job done as soon as possible.

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