About Us

Committed to Providing Outstanding Cleaning Services to All of Our Customers

DFY Cleaner is a provider of professional all types of cleaning services in Malaysia. We work for residential and commercial properties, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Our team consists of trusted and reliable professional cleaners who have the necessary training to deliver prompt and effective services. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the cleanliness and orderliness you want for your home or workplace.

Our company believes that nothing compares to having a clean, safe and orderly surroundings. Cleanliness is not just good for physical health but also for overall wellness. It leads to a sound mind and body, for you can think well and work more productively if your space is organized and tidy.

With the help of our friendly cleaners, you can have the extra hand you need to clean your home or office. Furthermore, we can help you clean when moving to a new home, after renovation or after a party. Through our help, you can focus on your core priorities without having to worry about keeping your place clean.

Our Core Values

Honest: DFY Clenaer puts high regard to integrity. We are able to establish people’s trust because of our honesty, and we will do everything to maintain that. We maintain fair and honest pricing. Our cleaners keep a good track record for they respect your property.

Reliable: Apart from skills, our team strives hard to arrive promptly as scheduled. We focus on the job, wasting no time and following a checklist that guides us not to miss any important detail.

Service-Oriented: Our company culture is being focused on customers’ needs. We do our best to make every service meet client expectations. We understand you have different concerns so we strive to address those. However, in every job, whether big or small, we provide the same level of professionalism and pay the same high respect for customers.

Our Vision

At DFY Cleaner, we keep our goal simple, and that is to be known as professional cleaning services in Malaysia that people can trust. When customers know they can rely on us, we can be almost assured of repeat services.

We do not rest on our laurels for we know that technology continues to develop and people have changing demands. Our team will always find an opportunity to learn and utilize new cleaning equipment that can help make our job more efficient. More important than skills and equipment, we will do our best to provide friendly, affordable services you can depend on.