Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Post-renovation cleaning is completely different from regular house cleaning as dust gets inside of everything. Intensive and extreme cleaning is required after a renovation.

This is the reason that post-renovation cleaning is the task of professional cleaners. They have high technology equipment that is meant to tackle these situations. So, it’s better to hire professional cleaners for post renovation cleaning in Malaysia.

Post-renovation cleaning is a big task that needs to be done perfectly to make the environment of the house clean and healthy for everyone.


Why Book a Post Renovation Cleaning Service Today

Cleaning the house after renovation is very essential. If you move into a dirty house and breathe dust continuously, then it can affect your health badly. Make sure to clean the house after renovation and before moving in. There are many types of cleaning services that come with booking a professional cleaner.

When your house is under renovation, there is a huge amount of dust that comes with it. Dust gets everywhere and inside everything. Some of the dust is very hard to remove. Professional cleaners will use their equipment to wipe all the floors and make sure to make your home dust-free.

Most of the houses have air ducts for air conditioning purposes. These airborne dust are very important to clean. Otherwise, this dust can travel through ducts and enter your rooms. Dust in ducts can create respiratory problems as well. You need to have cleaned ducts for harmless air.

Our professional cleaners will clean all the ducts and replace their filters as some dust is also absorbed by the filter. We eliminate all types of dust from your vents and ducts. For more info, you can read about the benefits of post renovation cleaning.

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Why Choose DFY Cleaner?

Fully Equipped

A cleaner capability can be determined by the equipment it owns. It tells whether it will be able to clean the house perfectly or not.

We have highly advanced and modern cleaning equipment that help us to clean the house easily and in less time.


We are a reliable cleaning company in Malaysia and all our workers are trustworthy. We have a team of well-trained cleaners who are capable to perform any sort of cleaning services.

we can perform all types of job

With our years of experience in this industry, our cleaners can handle all types of tasks.

Unique Cleaning Methods

We do not use conventional cleaning methods. Our team uses multiple cleaning methods that are new and advanced.

Quality Customer Service

Our customer care service is excellent. Even after the cleaning process, we contact our clients and make sure if they are happy with our work or not. We take customer feedback, that allows us to improve our service every day.

Free Quotes and Friendly Service

We make sure that our services are top-quality and affordable. Not only that, you can get free quote from us. All you need to do is to give us a call.

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How To Request For Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Many cleaning services are involved in a post-renovation service besides the above two. You will see all the work yourself by booking our cleaning service today. So, do not waste any time and give this important work to DFY Cleaner and make your house cleaner than ever before.

Post-renovation cleaning is not easy, but you can make it easy by hiring professional cleaners like us. We will take care of everything whether it be from removing dust to cleaning the carpets and vents. Our specialized cleaning team will satisfy you with their work. You can book us today from our website for any date you want. We will make sure to send one of our best teams to your house. A few simple steps can help you book our service.

Step 1: Call Us

Contact us through our website or call us to request our service. You just need to mention the type of cleaning service you want. Leave the rest to us.

If there are some special instructions about cleaning or taking care of something, then feel free to mention it. Whatever cleaning service you request for, we will surely provide it to you.

Step 2: Connect

After requesting our service, our representatives will connect with you to get the details of the cleaning service. You can also connect with us to tell us something or give instructions to us.

Step 3: Hire

By completing the above steps, we will confirm your cleaning service. You have hired us for performing the specific assigned by you. We will make sure to satisfy you with our work.

FAQs About Post Renovation Cleaning in Malaysia

How do I book a post-renovation cleaning service?

To book our post renovation cleaning, you just to need to contact us with any possible means and request us for this specific service. Our website is the easiest option to book us. Just select the date and time and types of cleaning and we will be right at your doorstep.


What’s the price of post renovation cleaning?

DFY Cleaner is the best cleaning service provider all over Malaysia. We provide every kind of cleaning service that one asks for. We are professional cleaners and know how to do our work. There is no one better than us in this specific field.


Why choose DFY Cleaner?

We are a reliable cleaning company with reliable and professional staff. All our workers know how to tackle difficult situations and perform under pressure. We provide the best cleaning service all over Malaysia at an affordable price. With the great name comes great responsibility, and we make sure that our name stays on top of the cleaning industry.