What’s The Price To Hire a Cleaner in Petaling Jaya in [month_year] ?

Price To Hire a Cleaner in Petaling Jaya

There will be times when you would need extra hands to clean up your house or workplace.

Good thing you can simply hire professional cleaners to help you with spring cleaning, after party cleaning or any other kind of cleaning you need.

This service is extremely helpful for you do not have to be tied with a domestic help contract and you can simply book cleaners whenever you need help.

This is such a cost-effective way to get help for they only need to come in as you request. Find out what determines the cost of a cleaning service in Petaling Jaya if you are thinking of hiring a cleaner.

Factors That Determines The Price Hire a Cleaner in Petaling Jaya

Here are a few factors that determine the price to hire a cleaner.

Type of cleaning

Most cleaning companies offer a variety of cleaning services because customers have various needs. These include the main ones such as house and office cleaning.

Other special services are moving in or out cleaning, cleaning after renovation and party, spring cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Rates may vary depending on the service and differ in other factors such as size and level of cleaning necessary, among others.

Size of area

The cost of cleaning in Petaling Jaya also depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. Some companies have a fixed rate per square feet then charge again depending on other factors such as if it is a contract cleaning or a one-time cleaning.

Level of cleaning required:

Another factor that determines price is the cleaning service required. You may require just light cleaning for spaces that are regularly maintained and have one layer of dirt build-up. Medium cleaning is when an area is maintained twice or once a month.

There is also deep cleaning and heavy cleaning for areas that have not been cleaned longer.

Number of hours and sessions

The price of your cleaning service will also depend on the number of hours and sessions you booked.

Some customers just need a one-time cleaning service, like after a party or event while others opt for a regular cleaning session.
Aside from the factors stated above, the cost of cleaning service varies significantly, depending on whom you hire.

We at DFY Cleaner work hard to provide high-quality services at prices you can afford.

As a professional company, we have the proper tools and equipment for an efficient job. Our cleaners are highly trained, too. You have the option to request multiple cleaners to make cleaning fast if you have a larger home.

With us, you can be at ease that you get a professional level of service, as our cleaners are trained to clean in a structured way, where high priority tasks are done first. Of course, you are free to list down the things you want the cleaner to prioritize.

To give you accurate pricing on the cleaning you require, please contact us now and we will gladly assist you. Our team is ready to help make your place clean, safe, and pleasant for you.