Maid Service Petaling Jaya [ Apr 2021 ]

It is essential to keep the house clean and tidy, whether you remain busy or not. You need to clean your house on your own or hire a maid for the purpose. But most people do not have much time or money to hire a full-time maid. The best option for them is the part-time maid cleaning service. A part-time maid can keep your home clean, and you can hire her whenever you want. If you are looking for a part-time maid cleaning service in Petaling Jaya, then you are in the right place. As a cleaning company in Petaling Jaya, we proudly provides part-time maid cleaning services anywhere in Petaling Jaya. You can easily book a service through WhatsApp or Call. The maid will be at your doorstep at the desired time. Contact us; we are just one call away.

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Benefits of Hiring a Part-time Maid Cleaning Service in Petaling Jaya

There are many benefits to hiring a part-time maid. Let’s look at a few of them.

Scheduled Cleaning

For a full-time maid, you need to be at home if you want her to clean it. But not everyone is always available at home. Therefore, you need to cancel the cleaning plan if you are not at your home. The best solution to this problem is the part-time maid. You can schedule cleaning with ease. You can hire a maid whenever you want. It will not disturb your work or routine.

Less Expense

A part-time maid cleaning service is less expensive. You can hire a maid for the required duration; it could be for one hour, two hours, or whatever you need. You only need to pay her for hours. This is an excellent way if you want to save money. If you know that you can do the cleaning on your own, you can save money. When there is a lot of cleaning work that you cannot handle, you can hire a maid. So, you can hire a maid whenever you need her.


A part-time maid can reduce the time of cleaning required. You can save a lot of time. Everything will be cleaned whenever you need it to be clean. If someone is visiting your house, and you want your house to be cleaned, then you can call a part-time maid for the job and save your time.

Fast and Efficient Cleaning

Part-time maids are fast and efficient. They are experienced in cleaning, so they can complete the job in less time.

Cleaning Service That a Part-time Maid Provides

Let’s discuss the most common services for which people hire part-time maids in Petaling Jaya.

Toilet Cleaning

Our part-time maid can clean your toilet. Toilet cleaning is the most difficult task for many people, and they usually hire a maid for the service.

If you want your toilet to be cleaned periodically, you can also book weekly or fortnightly service. The maid will clean the floor, sink, toilet, and everything in the toilet.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is not easy. Most people have a deep kitchen cleaning once a month.

You can hire our maid to clean your kitchen. It will save your time and efforts.

Our maid will clean everything from the floor to cupboards.

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedroom cleaning is not a hassle anymore. Just book a part-time maid and get your bedroom cleaned. If you are busy, and you don’t want to waste your time in cleaning your bedroom, then a part-time maid would be the best option. Our maid can change the bedsheet. You can ask our maid to clean the lamps, carpet, and furniture. It will be tidy in less time.

Living Room Cleaning

If someone is visiting your house, and you want to clean your living room, then contact us.

Our maid will arrive at your home on time and clean the mess all around.

Your floor, furniture, and everything will become shiny and clean.

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DFY Cleaner proudly provides a part-time maid cleaning service in Petaling Jaya. We have been providing cleaning services for more than a decade. Our experienced cleaners can clean your house quickly and efficiently. Our service is reliable and trustworthy. No matter if you are busy, just call us and get your house cleaned. You can hire a part-time maid by a call or WhatsApp; we are always ready to serve you with our best services.