FAQs about Hiring a Cleaner in Petaling Jaya

FAQ About Hiring a Cleaner in Petaling Jaya

How do I book a service?

You can book cleaning service in PJ easily. On our website, you may look for the “Get a Free Quote” button on the homepage, enter your name, phone number, email address and message then click submit. You will also notice the “Book Now” button, which will redirect you to WhatsApp where you can chat with one of our representatives. We will contact you regarding your request but it is best to provide us with detailed information regarding your request. Include the cleaning service you need, your preferred schedule, number of hours and cleaners, and other pertinent details so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

What type of cleaning service do you provide?

We mainly provide house and office cleaning, but we also offer special cleaning services such as move-in-out cleaning, post-renovation, after party, carpet and spring cleaning. We can accommodate your requests such as if you require standard or basic cleaning, deep cleaning or heavy cleaning, simply tell us your needs.

What should I prepare when it is time to clean my home?

If possible, we suggest picking clutter on the floor or other areas of the house for you to maximize the time you book for cleaning, for these tasks may consume time that can be allotted for more important tasks. Our cleaners are trained to structure their cleaning in a way that is efficient and effective. However, we also encourage you to provide us a list of priorities in case you want them to focus on certain areas or things that you want more attention.

Can I have the same person clean my home or workplace?

Yes, for we also believe that work is more efficient if a cleaner is more familiar with your place. However, this will also depend on the availability of the cleaner.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

No. You can leave your home to our cleaners who are trustworthy and honest.

What if I am not happy with the service?

We appreciate giving your feedback after a cleaning service. Tell us what made you unhappy and we will work out a fair resolution for your satisfaction is our business.

What does a basic home cleaning service include?

A standard home cleaning service includes dusting and wiping accessible surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors and arranging items in a room. It also includes washing the toilet and sink, wiping the stove and other kitchen appliances.

When should I book?

We suggest booking as early as * days to be certain there are available cleaners at your preferred schedule.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

We will get in touch with you once you book service to confirm your request.

How much to hire a cleaner?

The price to hire a cleaner vary depending on the type of cleaning, size of the area to be cleaned, and the number of sessions or hours. We suggest contacting us so we can get the details and present you a quote.