Price to Hire a Cleaner in Kuala Lumpur

Cleanliness is essential for one’s health and safety. Clean and organized surroundings are pleasant to look at, making you feel relaxed after a hard day’s work. However, not everyone has the time to spare for cleaning. This is when DFY Cleaner comes in.

We offer top-tier cleaning services in KL who can be the one to clean for you on a regular basis or when you just need extra hands after renovation, when moving or after an event.

With our proven process and trained staff, we can clean your home or office based on your preferences. Call us now for a quote.

Why Hire Professional Cleaners

  • Saves you time and energy: You might be saving money if you do the cleaning on your own, but having a professional do it allows you to focus on other more important things such as focusing on your work or business. That means you allot your time earning money while your house is being cleaned. You do not have to be stressed decluttering, dusting or vacuuming. This is certainly a good use of your time if you are a busy individual with only a few time to spare for other things.
  • Lets you enjoy professional-grade services: Nothing beats the feeling of benefitting from professional-grade service, especially that of cleaning. Imagine going home to an organized, sparkling clean home. These professional cleaners are trained to work on maximum efficiency. Within a limited time they know what to do first and they use tools that can make their work fast and effective. If you have particular cleaning preferences, you can discuss that as well for them to meet your standards.

Factors that Affect Pricing

  • Type of cleaning service: Cleaning companies categorize services based on the type of cleaning and these items vary in price. DFY Cleaner offers house and office cleaning, as well as post renovation, moving, event and carpet cleaning. Our company wants to meet your needs that is why we work hard to cover as many cleaning jobs as possible.
  • Size of area to be cleaned: The bigger an area, the higher the charges could be.
  • Level of cleaning required: This could translate to the number of hours needed to clean. Some homes or premises took months before a deep cleaning and this may require longer hours of more sessions.
  • Number of sessions: You can choose the number of sessions you prefer for your cleaning service. It is best to have a couple of hours cleaning on a regular basis for you to be able to enjoy a clean and well-maintained home.

DFY Cleaner is happy to help you enjoy a clean, healthy home. Aside from residential cleaning, we offer commercial cleaning as well. Our cleaners are very well trained to clean effectively.

We have the right tools and equipment to make cleaning efficient. We follow a checklist on what to do first for a more organized process. Feel free to speak to us about your cleaning preferences.