Cleaning the house completely and making it spotless is not an easy task. Most people take help from their families and perform all the cleaning processes by themselves. Although it is a money-saving act, you cannot expect it to be efficient. Whereas, most people know that calling in the professionals is the best decision. Professional cleaners will make your house look tidy and spotless. They have all the modern technology cleaning equipment that a house needs. If you are looking for a reliable cleaning company in Petaling Jaya, then DFY Cleaner is the company to go for.  We are a reputable cleaning company that has professional cleaners and workers.

It is a dilemma for people, whether to pre-clean the house or not before the cleaner arrives. Many people think that cleaning the house before the cleaner arrives is necessary. On the other hand, some people think that it is their work. There is a lot of confusion about this. This study is specifically for clearing the confusion for people. There are certain things that you need to do before your cleaner arrives.

Things You Need to Do Before Your Cleaner Arrives

Pickup All the Clutter

Usually, many objects are lying in the house. There could be clothes in the bedroom, blanket on the sofa near the TV, or kids’ toys in the lounge. There could also be other things like books and electronic equipment lying around the house. You need to pick all these things as it is a basic ethic, and you need to look a little good in front of the cleaner. It also makes cleaning somewhat easy for professionals.

Do the Dishes

You need to clean the kitchen before professional cleaners arrive. Wash all the dishes in the sink and put them away in the dishwasher. Dirty plates in the sink look terrible, and you need to put those away. Do not let your professional cleaners do the dishes for you as it can be time wasting for them. They can do some other work if you have cleaned your dishes.

Clear Your Bathroom Vanities

Another thing that you need to do is to clear all your bathroom stuff and vanities before the cleaner arrives. Pick up all the vanities that are spread all over the bathroom and group them. Put them in the bin or under the sink. If you do not clear all the vanities, then the professional cleaner will have to pick them up and clean all the vanities first. They will make sure the area is dust-free and then continue with their work. By clearing all the bathroom vanities, you are helping them to clean the house more efficiently.

Put Your Valuables Aside

Famous and reliable cleaner companies like DFY Cleaners have honest workers; you do not need to worry about anything about being stolen. But it is better to be safe and take precautions. Put all your valuables like jewelry and cash aside. Make sure to put away loose cash lying around in the house, so there are no conditions for any mishap.

Give Them Access to Your House

One of the important things for professional cleaners is easy to access to your home. Will you be home when they arrive? If not, then there are many alternative ways that you can give them access to your house. You can give the cleaner the keys if you are not going to be at home. It is extremely unethical that you call their service and not be at home. Make sure to have a check on them about the schedule and provide them the key if you will be busy at the very moment.

Put Away Pets

Pets can make it difficult for cleaners to clean the house properly. Most of the pets are not comfortable with strangers, and they can become aggressive. So, it is better to keep them in a safe place before the cleaners come. Tamed pets can also be a problem as they will play and roam around with the cleaners making it difficult for them to perform their cleaning service.


Getting your house cleaned by the professionals is a good thing to go for. However, there are certain things that you need to do as well before they arrive. Clean all the clutter, wash the dishes, put away your bathroom essentials, and keep your valuables at a safe place. These are the things that you need to do before the cleaner arrives. It helps them to clean the house more efficiently.