Considering that cleanliness is a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy workplace environment, it’s just natural to book a professional office cleaning in Malaysia that will give the most-outstanding performance and service. However, sometimes hiring a cleaning service provider is not enough to keep your office ultimately sanitize, clean and well-organize— you need to put in some effort as well!

Follow these tips for a better cleaning experience:

Tip 1: Set up a Clean and Clear Desk Policy

It’s common for workers to have a messy and unorganized desk since they do have many things to do throughout the day. However, If workers can simply tidy up any paperwork, arrange their items and put away unnecessary things off their desk at the end of their shift, then not only does it make the workplace look a whole lot better, but this also enables the office cleaner to clean up and cover the whole area quicker, without having to stress about what not to move or what to move.

All those piles of paperwork, scattered pens and pencils, misplaced scissors and unneeded knick-knacks can seem unprofessional when visitors come by, so to make everything better for everyone, implementing this policy would be best!

Tip 2: Encourage Workers to Have a Small Trash Bin in Their Cubicle

Have you ever experienced feeling lazy to get up and walk through the trash bin to throw a tiny piece of paper and just settled on placing it in your drawer and promised yourself to throw it later but ended up forgetting? We’re all guilty as charged! But one way to counter this kind of issue is by placing small trash bins in your area.

Small trash bins that are perfect to fit in the corners of your desk or below your table are ideal ways to throw paper, clippings, wrappers and other garbage without walking back and forth to the garbage can throughout the day.

Not only does this help declutter things and make cleaning more superficial, but it encourages every individual to be more cautious. However, remember to throw out your bin’s insides in the main trashcan to avoid pests accumulation.

Tip 3: Throw Trash in The Proper Bin

This is generally a no-brainer, but many people tend to forget the golden rule; segregate your trash correctly. A lot of employees don’t throw their trash in the proper bin either they forget, or they’re in a rush to even bother. However, doing this can cause a negative impact.

Your cleaners will have to spend a lot of time segregating the trash since employees don’t do this simple task. Thus, resulting in less time to deal and clean up the other work areas. You’re paying a tremendous amount of money, but the cleaning is not as effective as it’s supposed to be.

Tip 4: Meeting After-Care

Establishing a clear and strict rule for dealing and cleaning with post-meeting messes such as left coffee mugs, paperwork and handouts, and other pieces of equipment like presentation machines – will help out.

If your hired cleaner has to resolve these issues on their own, make sure you let them know ahead of time to plan their routine ahead of time!


It can be quite costly to hire cleaners, especially when your office place needs frequent cleaning. Although tidying up is all part of the professional cleaner’s task, others’ small habits and ways typically have a massive impact on the cost and effectiveness. Therefore, whether you’re, a Business owner, an office worker or Facilities Manager, implementing these tips will help take your workplace cleaning to a new level!