If you work in an office, you know how important it is to keep the space clean. If there are piles of paper and food scraps on the floor, it can be distracting for your staff and unprofessional for your clients. With this in mind, it’s always better to seek the help of a local office cleaner from Malaysia.

However, if you want to take matters into your own hands, there are certain things you should consider. You may think that cleaning is a tedious task, but luckily we have put together The Ultimate Checklist for Office Cleaning Supplies! Read on below to know more about this:

Pick a Good Disinfectant

If you want to keep your office clean and free from bacteria, it is important that you pick a good disinfectant.

You can choose between an all-purpose cleaner or one for specific surfaces such as wood floors.

You can also ask for recommendations from experts on what disinfectant solutions to choose.

It’s also best if the product doesn’t contain ammonia because this chemical will leave behind a strong smell which may be distracting when working in the same room.

Ready a Strong Cleaner For Stains

When you clean your office, it is inevitable that there are spills.

It’s best to have a strong cleaner for stains so you can easily wipe away the mess before it leaves behind an unpleasant smell or causes damage to your floors.

You should also make sure that this product doesn’t leave streaks on surfaces because these could quickly detract from the appeal of any room in your workplace.

Prepare Your Needed Cleaning Tools

When you clean your office, it is always best to be prepared.

To make the job easier for yourself, prepare all of the needed cleaning tools such as buckets and rags or paper towels before starting work.

This way, when spills happen in one room, you won’t have to go looking for a rag which will only slow down the process and leave behind more dirt than necessary!

Select a Floor and Wall Cleaner

When you clean your office, it’s important to select the right floor and wall cleaner.

The best option is a multi-purpose solution in case spills happen in more than one room or on different surfaces.

With this in mind, consider picking up cleaning tools that are easy to use, such as microfiber mops instead of traditional string mops, because they will leave behind less dirt when used correctly.

Vacuum Cleaners are a Must

No matter whether you decide to clean your office yourself or hire a professional, it’s always best to have a vacuum cleaner prepared.

This is because vacuuming can quickly remove any dirt from floors and carpets that could otherwise leave behind an unpleasant smell if left for too long.

With this in mind, make sure all carpets are also thoroughly cleaned with the help of a carpet shampoo before starting work. It is also important to clean your vacuum cleaner after use to avoid spreading dirt all over again.

Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

The next thing you must prepare is bathroom cleaning solutions. Toilets are potential sources of germs because it is the area where people clean themselves. It would help if you chose cleaning solutions that are effective and recommended by experts.

Some of the best bathroom cleaning solutions include bleach, vinegar, and ammonia.

If you are concerned about allergies or chemical sensitivities, then choose non-toxic cleaners like baking soda, borax, and hydrogen peroxide, which can easily be found at any supermarket.

Of course, disinfecting wipes may also come in handy to clean certain surfaces quickly without leaving behind germs or dirt!

Take Out Your All-Purpose Cleaner

When you are preparing to clean your office, it’s best to have a good all-purpose cleaner that can be used on different surfaces.

In case minor spills happen in more than one room or if dirt builds up quickly after cleaning, having this product available will make things much easier for yourself!

In Conclusion

This post has provided you with some essential information about office cleaning supplies.

You may not have realized that there are so many different types of products, and each type is used for a specific purpose.

We hope this checklist will help as you decide on what to buy next time your company needs cleaning. If you need more help on deciding which cleaning supplies to choose and prepare, call us today!