After several months of preparing and planning, you must be pretty excited about finally moving out.

Whether it’s heading to a newly bought house or your tenancy just ended, it is vital to leave a good impression and tidy up the house before moving out.

If you don’t have enough time and funds to get professional cleaning services in Malaysia, you can always deal with cleaning on your own. It may be a bit challenging, but it does come off worth it! 

Decided to do the cleaning yourself? Follow these tips by DFY Cleaner

Tip 1: Clean Up Your Floors

Once you’ve got all your belongings and furniture out of the house, it’ll be much easier to clean out the floors since there are no more hindrance and obstacles that can make the job challenging to do.

You may start off by sweeping the whole area with a broom. However, if you do have s vacuum cleaner on hand, the better! 

Make sure you get every crack, nooks and crannies since these can accumulate a lot of dirt and durst.

Cover the spaces found under the remaining furniture such as below the sofa, table, desk, chairs, etc.

After checking if you’ve dusted out everything, take out a mop and sanitize your floors using a disinfectant. We have no ideas what sick-causing germs are found on them! 

Finally, take out your floor polisher and apply it to your floors. The new movers or tenant will indeed thank you for leaving the place looking extravagant! 

Tip 2: Clean up The Surfaces

It’s finally time to say goodbye to your beautiful once called “home.” Sad as it may seem, newcomers will indeed feel grateful to you.

if the place isn’t filled with dust that can jeopardize their health or worse; trigger respiratory problems such as asthma attacks. 

Before leaving your place, be sure to dust and disinfect your furniture surfaces such as cabinets, drawers, closets, shelves, desks and countertops.

If you practiced general cleaning, this task wouldn’t take up too much of your time! 

Also, don’t forget to clean up the windows, since hazy windows won’t fit the new homeowners well. Let them enjoy the view you once loved seeing! 

Tip 3: Take Out The Garbage 

Funny as it may sound, but people who move out usually forget to take out the trash before leaving.

With all the mixed emotions and excitement going on, one can quickly fail to remember to take out the trash from their garbage bin, leading to severe problems. 

You wouldn’t like the newcomers to be greeted with foul odor and pests inside their new house, right? Since garbage can let out a foul smell which attracts pests such as rodents and cockroaches, leaving trash behind can be a total nightmare! 

Tip 4: Clean Out Your Walls 

Although repainting your walls isn’t necessary, it’s good that you use a cleaning solution which eliminates stains and discoloration.

Food splatters or dried blood of an insect can easily stick on your wall, so removing these unsightly smudges can help leave a good impression for the new homeowners. 

Be sure to take out your nails and nooks too! 

Tip 5: Create a Cleaning Checklist 

We understand how overwhelming cleaning up a whole house can be, especially when you’ve got a lot on your mind already.

But to avoid forgetting your cleaning task and to have a proper routine, creating a cleaning checklist is the best solution. 

Not only will it guide you as you clean the house, but it’ll also help you from going all over the place with no direction or idea of what to do first, or what to do next. 

It’s totally a time and lifesaver! 


When you have a lot on your plate—packing up, changing your mailing address and planning future endeavors—cleaning up the place, you’re moving out of can be challenging.

However, following these tips and handling the cleaning by yourself will save you a tone of money. It’ll also enable you to perform the cleaning on your own time!