Spring Cleaning is considered a tradition with some very old historical roots. It is an excellent opportunity for you to narrow down all the cleaning tasks that were being piled up one by one, and you didn’t think about doing those back then. When you are finished with the spring cleaning, your house looks fresh and clean. A clean environment provides you peace of mind as well as body.

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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Remember

Some of the spring cleaning tips to achieve a healthier home in Shah Alam are as follows.

1. Organize the Tasks

You should choose tasks that involve more than one room to achieve your target. For instance, you could opt to wash and clean the pillows and bedsheets of all the family members of the house. After doing this task, you will have a sense of satisfaction that all the family members have a clean bed sheet to sleep on, and you have done something that has an effect on the whole house on a larger scale.
Other tasks that may have a larger impact, including cleaning the doors and windows of every room of the house, should be done on a priority basis. By doing these tasks, you will be able to have a significant visual impact on the look of your house. You can also clean the lights and fans of each room to cover a wide area of your house in the spring cleaning process.

2. Make a Time-Based Schedule

You should plan your spring cleaning according to the time available. You can categorize the work by knowing how much time is required by a particular work. For example, while the bedsheets are being cleaned in a washing machine that requires a certain amount of time, you can focus on any other task like cleaning the lights and fans of your room till the washing machine completes its cycle. By doing this, you will be able to utilize the time in between a particular task that is being carried out on its own.

Also, before starting the cleaning phase, you should categorize all the tasks you are going to perform beforehand. Look for those spots in your house that are left uncleaned or untouched during the routine cleanout process. This helps you focus on the task that you are currently performing while knowing at the task which is next on your list.

3. Start Working from the Top to Bottom

It is quite useful to start working from the top, including places like ceiling, fans, and lights. This will help you to keep the dust from spreading in the whole area. There won’t be a need to re-dust any place if you start from the top. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then first start from the ceiling and fans. After that, you can dust your furniture and pick the debris and dust from the floor in the end. This will also save you a good amount of time and energy.

Many people forget to clean their walls that have a great significance on the outlook of your house. You can use a clean and wet towel to wipe the walls of your house. After cleaning the ceiling, you can opt to wipe your walls and windows, and then you can move towards the floor and the dust that is settled on it.

4. Be Thorough While Cleaning Bathroom and Kitchen

Many people are quite afraid to go into detail while cleaning their kitchen and bathroom. These places are the ones that require most of your attention. There are some points that you must keep in mind while cleaning the kitchen. Firstly, you need to wipe and clean each cabinet in the kitchen. Then remove all the unwanted or expired items. You also need to clean the shelves thoroughly. While cleaning your kitchen appliances, make sure to be gentle as it might cause scratches on the appliances. Similarly, while cleaning the bathroom, make sure to change the shower curtain.

5. Hire Professionals Cleaner in Shah Alam

It’s not possible for everyone to dedicate time for spring cleaning. If you don’t have time or the required tools, you must hire professional cleaners. Professional cleaners are easily available in Shah Alam. You can hire them, and they will make your house spotless without any hassle. They are well-equipped and trained, so they will also save you time.


These tips would be beneficial in planning your spring cleaning in a better way. We have covered a variety of ideas that you can imply, but the final decision to carry out the cleaning belongs to you. Use these ideas and plan your spring cleaning to achieve the best cleaning possible that provides you a sense of satisfaction.