If you don’t have enough time to clean your home on your own, you look out for a cleaning service that will do the work for you. But hiring a cleaning service is a tedious job. You have to look for the desired qualities in the staff that you are hiring for cleaning purposes. There are some requirements and demands of the customers. So, you need to ensure that your demands and requirements will be fulfilled after hiring them. The best way to check whether the cleaner/cleaning company is suitable or not is by asking questions while hiring. In this article, we will tell you what questions you can ask while hiring a cleaner.

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Important Questions to Ask While Hiring a Cleaner in Shah Alam

There are some questions that you need to ask the cleaning company or a cleaner while hiring:

What cleaning products do they usually use?

You need to find a company that provides different cleaning agents or products for different kinds of materials in your home or office. A single cleaning agent will not be suitable for all materials. It can cause damage to your furniture or scratches as well. For optimum results, it is necessary to have different kinds of cleaning agents and tools for cleaning. This will also reduce the time for cleaning.

Are they trained professionally?

It is important that the cleaner should know how to clean the house or office and have the necessary training for cleaning. You should ask the cleaning service company what sort of training they have provided to their cleaners. This training could be verified in the form of certifications. Other than the training related to cleaning, the workers should also have the certifications for any mishap in the household in the form of health and safety training. These training and certifications are very important as they transform regular cleaners into professional cleaners that have the skills demanded by customers.

How many years of professional experience do they have?

To get a basic idea of their experience in the field and business, you should ask the company about the years they have been working in the field. This will provide you with a general idea about their growth over the years and the trust that their clients have in them. You can also ask them about their regular clients. This will tell you about their commitment to the clients and their customer service. You would not want amateurs working in your home with no proper training and experience. This could result in any unwanted situation as well.

Do they have workplace safety insurance?

If any worker gets injured while working in your house, you may have to bear the medical bills and expenses of him. Ask your cleaning company if they cover their Workers Safety Insurance. 

They should show you their clearance certificate to make sure that their workers are up to the mark.

Can they work in the night-shift/before the office hours?

It is very difficult to do the cleaning in offices during work hours. The employees come in and out every second that could disturb the flow of cleaning work. So, in this case, it is generally preferred to carry out the cleaning work when the office is empty. This means that the cleaning is done in the night after the office hours or early morning just before the office hours start. You should communicate with the cleaners that he/she is comfortable with this work schedule or not. This flexibility in work hours is a question that cannot be ignored while hiring. If the cleaner ensures that there is no problem and he/ she can work in flexible hours, then you must consider that company or the individual.

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If you want to choose the best cleaner and the cleaning company, you need to be well aware of the questions that you can ask while hiring. We have described some important questions that you need to ask the cleaners before hiring them. These questions cannot be overlooked. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with the outcome of the cleaning work. Once you are sure that you are hiring the right person, and you will get what you need, you can hire the cleaner without any worries. This will save you time and money.