Office cleaning can be a complicated and stressful task. And oftentimes people hire professionals to do the job, rightfully so. It requires meticulous planning and implementation to achieve exceptional results. 

But what actually happens during an office cleaning? 

  1. The first thing professional office cleaners do is assess the situation. They usually have a checklist, and so they can just decide whether to add or remove certain items. The goal is of course to ensure that everything is spotless and sanitized. 
  2. For office cleaning, professional cleaners will guarantee to take care of the following:
    Workspace and meeting rooms
    b) Kitchen and pantry
    c) Bathrooms
    d) Reception area
    e) Balcony (if there are)
    f)  Smoking areas (if there are)
    g) Windows
    h) Even your plants. 

Professional cleaning company in Malaysia like DFY Cleaner will leave your office dust-free, sanitized, and disinfected, allowing you to enjoy a clean and comfortable workshop. Indeed, there are a lot to consider before and during the process of cleaning your office; that’s why hiring professional cleaners is the best way to save time and spare you from stress.

Planning Office Cleaning

Firstly, after getting in contact with our cleaning consultant, we will ask for your requirements, taking note of your needs, location, and the like. For initial assessment, we may request for photos or a video of the spaces that the will be working on

Based on this consultation, a checklist will be made by our professional office cleaner consultant. As a client, you can indicate the cleaning services that you want for your office, aside from the services recommended by our consultants. 

Once we have agreed on the package/ contract and the date of service, you can leave it all to us. We will take care of the tools, equipment, and manpower. 

Process of Office Cleaning

Jobs may differ from client to client, but DFY Cleaner has a typical checklist for their cleaning. It includes the following tasks: 

  1. Assessment and delegation of tasks
  2. General cleaning of common rooms using a vacuum. Staff – if able and approved by client – will move around furniture and the like to clean corners and hidden spaces. 
  3. Dusting and wiping down of surfaces
  4. Mopping the floors
  5. Furniture will be dusted and vacuumed. If you’ve availed of deep cleaning, these can also be treated. 
  6. The kitchen and pantry will be wiped down and sanitizes. Dishes can also be done and cleared. 
  7. The bathroom will entail cleaning the toilet bowl and sinks, disinfecting surfaces, and mopping the bathroom floor. 
  8. Cleaners will take the trash out and replace bin bags. 
  9. Windows and blinds will also be wiped clean
  10. Your plants will also be tended to. 
  11. (Optional) For deep and thorough cleaning, We also offers to disinfect rooms using our special sprays. 

The job – depending on the size and level of cleaning needed in the rooms – can be done in a matter of hours. Consult us to customize a cleaning program just for you.

Indeed, cleaning an entire office can be a challenging undertaking, but you can enjoy stress-free, hassle-free service by hiring the experts like DFY Cleaner. We offer affordable packages that can easily be tailored to your needs, and we take care of everything – from transportation to cleaning, cleaning agents, equipment, and tools. So you literally just have to book us! We guarantee amazing results. 

Our team of professionals are well trained and have years of experience. They are able to address any concern you may have when it comes to the sanitation and disinfection of your spaces. 

We are available for daily, weekly, and monthly cleanings. Inquire now and we can develop a program that ensures that your offices are safe and secure, and that your people are healthy and protected. 

Seek the services of a professional like DFY Cleaner. Inquire now and get a FREE quote!