In a professional setting, keeping an office clean by hiring a cleaning service provider in Malaysia is a great way to ensure all things are running smoothly.

A clean working environment means that your employees will be much more productive since lesser people are getting sick and everyone is comfortable in their workspace.

The more focused workforce you have, the better your business will be, and so cleanliness has become one of the best factors to implement if you want your company to thrive.

After having a professional cleaner tidy up your office, it’s good that you ensure that the cleaning you’ve paid for is sufficient; and in order to do so, maintenance is the answer!

This article will show you the things needed to make the most out of your new clean workplace.

Implement a Clean as You Go policy 

It might come as a surprise for you but why dust and dirt lastly accumulate in an office because many people tend to forget a basic rule: clean as you go or as they call it CLAYGO.

Although you and your employees are busy, you must be still aware of your actions. To attain the best out of your business cleaning, make sure everyone throws their trash correctly.

Desks and table must be free from garbage such as candy wrappers or paper cuttings, unfinished coffee and other beverages must not be left in the counter. When using the bathroom, all tissue papers must be thrown in the proper designated trash bin. Every cubicle must be cleared out every after shift.

Following this simple rule will surely make a difference in your working environment!

Create a Cleaning Check-List

It is proper to tell your employees that it’s time to begin cleaning the office, but if you don’t inform them what they have to focus their cleaning efforts on, you might end up with a workplace that never gets as clean as you want it to be.

However, by clearly establishing which things to focus on while following a cleaning check-list, you will never have to wonder why certain areas of the office aren’t correctly getting cleaned.

Furthermore, you can utilize this check-list to divide the cleaning responsibilities throughout the whole office, so particular employees don’t wind up doing most of the cleaning by themselves.

Regularly Empty the Trash Can 

One thing that can lead to foul odor and pest infestation is trash cans that aren’t emptied. Garbage such as leftovers or food wrappers can attract pests like cockroaches and ants; they can also be the reason for bad odor spreading throughout the workplace.

Thus, if you don’t want visitors and clients to have a wrong impression about your company, then make sure you regularly take out the trash and replace it with a new and fresh garbage bag.

Also, adding some room air-freshener near your garbage bin can help keep the surroundings smelling fabulous and feeling clean!

Take time to dust Every day 

Dust is really fast to develop on furniture, so doing regular dusting is an excellent idea to maintain a great working environment.

Getting rid of any dust that builds upon the surfaces of tables, desks, shelves and other furniture is a practice that helps keep everything stay tidy, and your employees won’t be exposed to harmful germs.

Using a disinfectant wipe by the end of the week on telephones, keyboards and other items is also an excellent way to cut down on accumulating dust and improve on productivity, as your workers are less likely to get ill.


This guide has some great tips for making your business corporation cleaning more effective. From the creating a cleaning checklist to implement a Clean as You Go policy, there are many things that can be done to make sure every inch of your office is fresh and ready-to-go!

If any of these steps seem confusing or overwhelming, we’re here to help. Our team at DFY Cleaner wants everyone in our community to have a healthy environment they can enjoy working in. We offer free consultations so call now if you want us to come out and give a quick walkthrough on what makes an efficient corporate cleaning service work well! Which step from this article do you think will provide the biggest impact?