Do you want your reception area to get cluttered and unkempt? There are many ways that companies can get messy, but it is important to get a clean and tidy reception area.

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In the meantime, here are the top ways to clean and tidy up your reception area!

Disinfect and Clean Upholstery 

Your upholstery is the dirtiest and dirtiest place in the reception area or waiting room.

It is important to dust it and then disinfect using a safe sanitizer such as Lysol Disinfectant spray, OdoBan, Clorox Clean-up wipes, or Seventh Generation Natural Laundry products.

It is important to vacuum and clean the fabric using a damp towel. This will remove any dust or dirt that is hidden in your upholstery.

Once you have finished, it’s time to place an air freshener. This will make sure that there are no lingering smells from when you cleaned the area!

Cleaning upholstery is just as important as disinfecting the area.

To clean upholstery, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water in a large bucket.

Dip an old towel into this solution and wipe down all surfaces that are dirty or stained with dirt including the armrests on chairs and sofas!

This will remove stubborn stains without damaging your furniture’s finish! Let sit for ten minutes before wiping away excess liquid from the surface.

Remove Stains From Surfaces 

Stains aren’t a good thing to look at so getting rid of them is a must!

All surfaces in an office should be cleaned so they are free from dirt and germs.

The first step is to clean the area with dish soap, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. These three cleaners will work for most stains and can be found in any store!

If you want some extra help try using baking soda mixed with water as it will absorb all the stain’s color. This way you don’t have to worry about leaving traces on your surface when trying to remove it after soaking up the excess liquid from the surface.

Finally, use paper towels with vinegar or lemon juice (or both!) that removes any remaining odors left behind by removing stubborn stains!

Dust and Vacuum Surfaces to Remove Debris 

Simply sweeping the floor won’t guarantee that you’ve gotten rid of all the filth lying around dusting and vacuuming will do the trick!

Use a dusting cloth to sweep and remove lint, hair, or other debris that has accumulated on any surface.

You should also vacuum carpets and upholstery with your upright vacuum cleaner. This will remove all of those pesky bits of dirt or dust from the air so they don’t settle back onto surfaces later!

Dusty corners are likely full of pests such as spiders, which is why it’s important to clean them too; use an old feather duster for this job! Remember to dust the tops of furniture and shelves while you’re at it too!

This will keep your reception area or waiting room looking as clean and tidy as possible!

Mop and Polish Your Floors 

Moping and polishing is a crucial step in maintaining a clean and tidy reception area.

To do this then follow the steps provided below.

First, mop your floor with soap or detergent mixed with water to remove any dirt that has accumulated on the surface. Then rinse out the bucket of dirty water before filling it again with clear water for polishing!

Polish by using an old rag (or microfiber cloth) dipped into a polish solution which will leave behind a shine without damaging floors when polished dry but you can use furniture wax as well!

If you want to keep up appearances, then this is one more step that must be taken care of to have an office space where customers won’t mind spending time waiting around!

Arrange Items to Make Cleaner Reception 

Who would want to stay in a disorganized and untidy reception area?

It’s important to have an office space that looks as nice from the outside as it does on the inside, which is why keeping up appearances matters!

Start by arranging items such as furniture, plants, and other decor to create a nicer space for your customers.

Neatly arrange bookshelves so you’re able to see all their contents without having anything overflowing off onto the floor; this means stacking them on top of one another vertically if necessary but it’ll make everything easier to find later on down the line too!

And don’t forget about pictures frames and shelves; these should be arranged so they are aligned in neat rows, not randomly placed!

A clean and tidy reception area will make a customer feel more at ease when waiting for service or meeting with someone.

The Final Sayings 

Keeping reception areas clean and tidy is an important aspect of your business. It not only makes the area look better, but it also improves productivity.

We’re happy to share some tips on how you can keep your office or lobby looking great without breaking a sweat!

If this article has been helpful in any way, please feel free to let us know by sending feedback through our contact form here. And as always, thanks for reading!