When it comes to cleaning the entire house, there are certain places like the kitchen and bathroom that require special attention. There are so many things to consider in these places that it is very common to forget a few. However, today we are going to discuss a very professional way of cleaning the bathroom. We will discuss all the steps and processes that you are required to do to make your bathroom shine and make it spotless. These tips and tricks are mostly followed by professional cleaners to clean the bathroom efficiently.  Of course, you can always get in touch with a trusted professional cleaner to help you out.

Tips and Trick to Clean the Bathroom

Remove All The Items And Prepare

There are many things that a bathroom has. It has soap, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, trimmer, razors, moisturizer, etc. Remove all these items from their usual place at first. Now, you need to prepare for cleaning the bathroom. Gather all the cleaning tools like a mop, brush, detergent, scrubbing powder, and any other cleaning spray that you want.

Dust And Sweep The Whole Bathroom

Dust the bathroom from the top down. Clean all the spider web and dust directly onto the floor. Brush the flush and cabinets properly. You can use a brush or piece of cloth as a duster because it works great for this cause. After dusting, sweep the floor, or you can also vacuum the floor to get rid of the dust.

Clean The Toilet Bowl

Get some disinfectant or bleach and pour it in the toilet bowl. Take the brush and put it inside the bowl. The disinfectant sanitizes the brush. Let the disinfectant sit for 10-15 minutes so that it can work properly. Bleach or any other green disinfectant has a bad odor, so make sure to turn on the exhaust of the bathroom for proper ventilation.

Clean Walls and Windows

The next step is to clean all the walls and windows. Spray a solution of disinfectant/bleach with water on all the walls and windows, especially on the molds, if you have any on the ceiling or tiles. Let the spray rest for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, go and grab a scrubber and scrub all the surfaces that you sprayed. Rinse it carefully after you are done scrubbing and clean the surfaces with a dry cloth to dry instantly.

Clean Shower and Bathtub

The next step is to clean the shower/shower-room and bathtub. You can remove the faucets to clean the bathroom, or you can spray on them to clean them. Spray cleaning products all over the shower and bathtub and leave it for a while to work properly. You can also use special spray cleaners that are meant to clean the soap residue on the bathtub. Clean the faucets and bathtub with the sponge and clean it with water afterward.

Clean The Toilet Surface (Outside of Toilet)

Soak a piece of cloth in antibacterial disinfectant and start with wiping the flush of the toilet and then move on to the top. Wash the exterior of the toilet properly, including the toilet bowl top and bottom. And if you are using a paper towel instead of cloth, then don’t flush it; throw it away.

Mop The Floor

Now that you are done with cleaning the toilet, walls, ceiling, and window, it is time to mop the floor. Start with sweeping the bathroom and collect all the debris and residue of what you have cleaned until now. Get a hot soap water bleach and mop the floor with it. Make sure to rinse the floor after mopping to get rid of any slippery soap bleach.

Wash the Sink

You can use the same disinfectant spray for the sink as well. Spray it on the sink faucet and use a small toothbrush to clean it properly. Pour the bleach or disinfectant down the sink to clear the drainage of the sink.


Cleaning a bathroom can be time-consuming, and it requires hard work. There are professional home cleaners available like DFY Cleaner that will help you with all types of cleaning, including the bathroom. There are certain steps that you can follow to clean your bathroom like a professional and make it look clean and tidy. Start with dusting and cleaning the walls. Then move onto the shower and bathtub, spray cleaner on them to clean them properly. Pour bleach into the toilet bowl and leave it for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, clean the wall and ceiling cleaning. In the end, sweep the dust from the floor and wash it with hot soapy bleach water. Make sure to rinse the floor properly so that the soapy mixture is not left on the floor.