At some point in our lives, it’s common for our offices and workplace to get dirty. Whether you’re a business owner, a doctor, an accountant or perhaps a human resource manager, your office will eventually get dirty and dusty especially when you don’t take the time to clean it every day. Cleaning and organizing your office can undoubtedly take a lot of productive hours you’re supposed to use for work; however, you can always hire a professional office cleaning service provider in Malaysia to do that task for you.

But how will you know when and how often should you call for an office cleaning service? Although there are many factors to determine this, we have created a guide to show you what signs to look out for to determine if it’s time to ring up your cleaning service provider. Read on below to know more!

How Often Should I Get My Office Cleaned?

Every office is quite different, and cleaning one can be a tiring job. However, maintaining a clean workplace is needed to run a business if you want to keep a good and respected image. When it comes to cleaning, It is recommended to do some cleaning tasks such as sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming your work area and restroom in a daily routine.

On the other hand, general cleaning must be done once a month to ensure that no pests and dangerous things can infest the area and wash rugs and carpets every three months.

The Main Signs To Look Out For:

Dust Is Everywhere

You’ll definitely need some thorough cleaning when you start noticing dust in your office. Dirt and dust can accumulate anywhere on your desk, cabinets or perhaps shelves, especially when you seldom do general dusting and cleaning.

Dust can potentially make you sick and can even trigger asthma attacks for those individuals who have respiratory problems. If you start coughing and sneezing more frequent than usual, then it’s time to call your cleaning service provider!

Decrease in Productivity

Employees that are surrounded by dust and dirt will experience a hard time focusing on their job that has to be done. Thus, resulting in a decrease in their overall progress and productivity.

Additionally, if you plan to solve this kind of issue of a dirty workplace by having your employees do the cleaning. Doing so will stop them from other important job and tasks that are supposed to be furthering your brand and business.

Pest Infestation

No one wants to work in an environment that is infested with pests and all those creepy-crawlies. When your workplace is dirty, pest such as rats and cockroaches can start appearing in your office and get you and your employees sick. They can contaminate your food, leave a urine trail, and omit faeces containing germs and viruses.

In addition, customers who find pests in your workplace will undoubtedly stop working with you and may even report your establishment to the health department, which would negatively impact your business.

Your Workers Get Sick

With countless diseases possibly present in your office, including the common flu, you’re already contagious before you get symptoms. There are many ways for viruses and bacteria to spread from copy machines, door handles, and more in a work area.

If your surfaces are not constantly cleaned and disinfected, there is an excellent chance that more workers are going to develop unwanted illnesses. So, if you begin getting multiple employees calling in sick, it’s time to start considering booking a cleaning service.


One of the vital keys to keeping a successful business running is keeping your workplace clean and sanitized at all times. Not only will you produce happy workers that can bring your business further, but it will also make your customers feel safe and satisfied. What are you waiting for? Give your professional service provider a call!