House cleaning need not be a daunting task. It pays to practice simple habits that can make you enjoy a pleasant, clean home at all times. Even if it is easy to hire professional cleaners to do the job, nothing beats cleaning your home on your own. Here are handy tips to consider so cleaning will be less painful of a task for you.

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House Cleaning Tips For KL’s Homeowners

Here are some house cleaning tips that you can apply.

Do a little each day

Cleaning can be overwhelming for some because they imagine cleaning the entire house. The best thing is to practice good habits to prevent piles of clutter and dirt build-up. Set tasks you can realistically do every day such as wiping kitchen counters and stovetops or a quick sweeping of floors. Of course, there are tasks you ought to do every day such as washing the dishes or throwing kitchen waste, but it also helps to do little chores that will make weekly cleaning easier.

Keep clutter away immediately

It is a good habit to throw garbage in the trash bin immediately, put worn clothes in the hamper or wash dishes after every meal. Clutter can make a house look messy and harder to clean, so discipline can go a long way in not making cleaning overwhelming.

Allot containers, boxes, and baskets

To be able to keep clutter away, you can assign containers in every room. Place a hamper or garbage bin in every room, or set a box for toys, magazines, and so on. This will train your housemates to keep things in their containers and make rooms less messy. Make it clear to everyone that everything has its place in the house and practice returning items in their assigned places. This makes it easier for you to look for things when you need them.

Devote a 5-minute clean before sleeping

It is also not a good practice to leave things until the morning because that could mean doing more when you get up and you will be in a rush. It does not hurt to allot even 5 minutes to fold a load of laundry, clean the dishes or wipe commonly used surfaces. Store your cleaning materials in a common area so you won’t have to find them each time you need them.

Organize chores

For you not to be overwhelmed by house cleaning chores, make a list. Categorize daily, weekly or monthly tasks. This will guide you in what you need to accomplish for a day and also help you set such chore in your schedule. Assign chores with everyone in the house so it will be less bothersome. Keep in mind that you do not have to do so many things at once. Prioritize the most important ones and set realistic goals that meet your schedule.


Cleaning does not have to be such a burden. Identify what works for you, such as listening to music while cleaning or giving yourself a simple reward after a thorough cleaning. It takes a bit of patience and discipline but it is definitely worth the effort.