from family members or friends to clean their entire house. Whereas, some people ask professional cleaners to clean their houses. The difference between both types of cleaning is huge. Normally the homeowners are not much aware of how to clean all the things, and they do not have proper tools and equipment. But professional cleaners are trained and skilled workers who know how to clean every corner. Moreover, they also have modern cleaning tools and equipment. However, if you are not able to clean your house properly, then you can easily book a cleaning service in Petaling Jaya. Get in touch with DFY Cleaner, and you won’t be disappointed. We make sure to check every corner of the house and make it clean and spotless. We turn your house into a healthy environment that keeps your family safe from dust and diseases.

In a house, there are a lot of things that we need to clean. It includes a bathroom, kitchen, lounge, equipment of each room, all the utilities that we use, and so on. So, it is easy for anyone to forget to clean many things. There are a lot of things that people usually forget to clean during their cleaning process. Some of the most common things that we need to clean in our house but we usually forget are discussed in this article.


Vent And Air Filter

If you have a central heating or cooling system in your house, you should know that the duct is connected to all of the rooms of the house. The hot and cold air from the vent enters the room and then returns to the vent. If this air is not filtered or cleaned, dust and other particles will block the duct and blowback into the room. There are many types of air filters available in the market that you use. This air filter needs to be changed or cleaned depending on its condition. A clean air filter will enable the family members of the house to breathe clean and fresh air easily.

Closet And Cupboard Floors

Many people normally clean their closet whenever they seem there is a need to clean. When the clothes are crammed, the shelves are high with a pile of clothes, and all the things start falling on you, you know you need to clean the closet or cupboards. But what most people forget is to clean the closet and cupboard floors. No matter if there is carpet or not, there is a need to clean the floors of the closet. When you set and clean your closet, that is the perfect time to clean out the floors of the closet as well. If there is carpet, then you need to pay more attention to it as it gets dirtier and catches dust.

Indoor Artificial Plants

Artificial plants can accumulate a huge amount of dust. When people dust their house, they usually forget to clean the indoor plants. Use a piece of microfiber cloth or silk cloth to clean out the dust from the plants and spray water on them to give them a fresh look.

Tops of Doors and Cabinets

We always forget them to clean the places where our hands cannot reach. There is more dirt than the whole house combined on the tops of doors and cabinets. We ignore these places and usually forget about them because we do not see them. But it does not mean that you should not clean it. Get a ladder or stool and clean the tops of cabinets to ensure a healthy breathing environment for your family.

Underneath The Furniture

It is one of the most forgotten parts. It is easy to clean, but we never pay attention to it. Look underneath the sofa and your bed, and you will find an enormous amount of dust. You can use a mop or vacuum to clean underneath the furniture. To keep your house clean and spotless, clean these areas at least twice a year.


Keeping a house clean is a great habit. However, when people clean their house, there are some common spots that they usually forget to clean. These are air vents, closet floors, the floor underneath the furniture, top of the cabinets, and indoor plants. Make sure to consider these spots when you are cleaning your house. Otherwise, if you are calling professional cleaners, then they will take care of every spot.

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