Flooring plays a vital role in impressing people, whether it be an office floor or a house floor. Most people will agree that the floor is one of the first things that a coming guest sees. It does not matter if it’s shiny or dirty, but it is the first thing you look at when you enter a building. Keeping a floor clean requires three critical steps. It not only impresses the people but keeps a good hygienic and healthy environment. For example, when you enter a company to do business, you can judge the company by looking at its floor. You can get an idea of how productive the company is and whether they prefer attention to details or not.

A clean floor helps you to get a head start. You can easily impress the people by your cleanliness and tidiness. A fresh and shiny floor can depict how clean and organized you are. However, if you cannot clean the floors, there are professional cleaners in Petaling Jaya available for this job. But if you are determined about your impression, you can simply follow these three critical steps to clean your floor and make it spotless.

Strip And Wax

If you have a wax-able floor, then it is one of the most important crucial steps to start with. A shiny floor in the house or office lobby leaves a good impression on incoming customers or guests. So, let us see what strip and wax is. You start with a chemical specially designated to strip old wax from the floor. However, there are many techniques and methods to apply this chemical. A professional cleaner will use a soft fabric or microfiber mop to apply this chemical. Spray or pour the chemical onto the floor and leave for some time to get into action. This chemical will clear the shine of the floor and also remove any kind of seal. Make sure you have good ventilation as this chemical has a bad odor. After cleaning the residue of this chemical, mop the floor.

The next step is to apply the wax. Apply the first coat of the wax onto the clean and dry floor and let it dry. When the first coat is properly dried, apply the second coat and let it dry as well. The number of layers of wax depends on how much shine you want and how much foot traffic you will have. On average, three coats of wax are good to apply on floors. 


Burnishing is a process that allows you to have maximum shine on your floors. It involves scrubbing the first layers of wax and bringing out the shine. However, it is important to use proper burnishing tools and equipment. Burnishing can also help in maintaining the shine of the floor. A professional cleaner would use calculated rpm machines to bring out the maximum shine. He will start by cleaning the floor first, and then he will move to the burnishing process.

Floor Scrub

The final step is to scrub the floor properly so that no area or corner is left. Usually, some machines are used as a scrubber to the floor. These machines are used on hard surfaces and where the area is large enough to accommodate a machine. It contains scrubbing pads and a water suction vacuum. The machine simultaneously performs both the process of scrubbing and water-suction. It removes all the dirt and dust that is hard to remove manually. These floor scrubbing machines are used by professional cleaners, and they can be used on concrete, tiles, and as well as on vinyl.


A clean floor is a great way of impressing people. It does not matter if it is an office floor or home floor. A floor is a floor. It is the first thing that anyone notices when he enters a house or an office. Your cleanliness and work environment can be defined by the condition of the floor that you keep. However, you can clean and make your floor shine through three critical procedures. The first step is to strip and wax, the second is burnishing, and the last is floor scrubbing. A professional cleaner follows these steps to clean the floor. If you cannot perform these procedures, it is better to leave it to professionals.