How many times have you visited a restaurant, only to find that the tables are dirty? This is one of those pet peeves that can really ruin your dining experience. You don’t want your food touching filthy surfaces or sitting on top of crumbs and spills.

The good news is there are simple ways to avoid these mistakes in Malaysia’s restaurants! We have listed here the best tips given by the number one cleaning team in Malaysia so that you can establish a safer, better and cleaner restaurant!

Using Strong Cleaners in Food Stations

It is a mistake to use cleaners with strong solutions because it can lead to health risks.

Food safety and hygiene must be observed in all food stations because it is where the food comes into contact with surfaces that are not always sanitized.

Ensure you have a clear list of what can be used in which station so there will never be cross-contamination.

Not all cleaners are made equal, so you have to be careful with what you choose! Some of them may not even be safe for your food or surfaces because they can leave a residue or discolor.

Failing to Clean the Fridge

It takes a lot of time for your food to go bad, but it only takes few seconds to clean the fridge from any spills or crumbs.

You must understand that this is where all your ingredients are stored, and if they aren’t sanitized properly, then you will need to throw them away. This can be costly as well as wasteful!

Always make sure that there is no dirty dishware in the area before preparing any food because these things attract pests such as roaches and rodents, which could contaminate the food with germs.

It would be best if you also washed your hand always before and after cleaning your fridge to avoid cross-contamination.

Not Disinfecting The Whole Place

Unfortunately, there are also hidden bacteria that could be lurking in other areas, such as behind your equipment or on top of shelves, which can cause contamination. Germs can get everywhere in your restaurant.

You must not forget to disinfect every nook and cranny from the ceiling down because this is where bacteria often accumulate. Disinfection is a must, especially in today’s world’s situation.

Using the Wrong Cleaners For Surfaces

Using the correct type of cleaner is crucial to keeping your restaurant clean.

It may be tempting to use a kitchen or bathroom-grade cleaning product because it can do heavy-duty work, but this isn’t what you should always stick with when cleaning surfaces in your restaurant.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaners are often too harsh for surfaces that come into contact with food, such as countertops and dining tables.

It will leave behind dirtier residues than if you used a surface-safe cleaner that has been tested on these types of materials. This only leads to more scrubbing, which means wasting time and money!

If possible, separate different areas for certain kinds of cleansers so there won’t be any cross-contamination from one area to another where wrong chemicals may be used.

Failing to Set Up a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Having a schedule is one of the most crucial things to keeping your restaurant clean and free from contamination.

When you don’t have any set times or days for cleaning, it can lead to an increase in bacteria which will make customers sick! You do not want this to happen because it may ruin your reputation as well as sink your business.

Always be prepared with the right tools such as gloves, disinfectants, and brooms that are necessary for taking care of surfaces along with equipment like microwaves at their designated time.

This should also include sweeping up crumbs on floors regularly, too since these could attract pests who will leave behind more germs than what was already there before they came about.

Not Cleaning the Pantry Thoroughly

The kitchen pantry is one of the most overlooked areas in restaurants because it is where all your ingredients are kept to be used later.

However, this is also where all germs can accumulate because it has an enclosed area which means

You must know that this area can quickly become dirty if you don’t clean out the shelves and wipe them down properly to prevent any food particles from attracting pests or bacteria growth since they will feed off these things.

Since this may not be an easy task due to its cramped space, make sure there are no dishes or other cookware inside so nothing falls over when cleaning around it with brooms and mops.

In a Nutshell

The article has provided you with some insights into cleaning mistakes to avoid in Malaysia’s restaurants. These are just a few of the many ways that restaurant owners and managers can keep their establishment clean and running smoothly. If you have more questions about this information, please get in touch with us today!