Suppose your house or office in Malaysia is accumulated with a lot of dust, grime, debris, and dirt that’s already affecting the flow of your daily life. In that case, you must have most likely considered hiring a professional cleaning service. Cleanliness is indeed a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy environment, not only for you but for your loved ones as well; and so opting to get help from a reputable cleaning company from Malaysia is certainly a wise choice.

However, knowing what “exactly” these professionals do is something one must have an idea on. Having knowledge about the process will help answer questions and concerns that are clouding your mind. In this article, we will show you the 3 stage process of any cleaning service. So go forth and read on!

Stage 1: Site Visit and Preparation

When booking a professional cleaning service, the first stage is the site visit and preparation. The company’s cleaners will come to your house or office to check what areas of the premises need some cleaning, organizing, and sanitization. During this time, you may state your concerns if there are specific tasks you’d want to be accomplished.

By doing the site visit, cleaners can determine how much human resources they’ll be needing and what equipments will be used. They will also know what solutions to prepare since different issues require different cleaning solutions.

The more complex and severe your dirt and dust issues are, the more consultation and preparation time is needed. To help your cleaners, it’s a good idea that you list down the tasks you want to be accomplished for better results!

Stage 2: Clean Up Operation 

Now that the cleaners are done examining the area and preparing the needed equipment and solutions to deal with the dirt, dust, grime, debris, and other issues, the cleanup operation will now begin. For general cleaning, the cleaners will start up by clearing up the premises.

The professional cleaners will declutter and organize the needed items and put them in a designated area. Those that are of no use anymore or are considered “junk” will either be thrown away or placed in the basement or attic.

Once the area is cleared, the professional cleaners will now begin cleaning. Starting with sweeping, mopping, and polishing up the floors, dusting and sanitizing furniture such as shelves, tables, desk, Wiping the walls with a wall-cleaner, vacuuming the carpet, getting rid of any stubborn stains, and organizing your things.

However, the cleaning routine is not limited to, which is stated above. Depending on the kind of package you’ve opted for, the cleaners will perform the tasks you’ve asked them too. Whether it’s cleaning the ceiling or taking out cob-webs, they will certainly do their very best to accomplish the task!

Stage 3: Examination 

Now that the cleanup operation has been conducted, the final stage of the process is the examination. Your hired professional cleaners will ask you to check the whole premises to see if their performance has satisfied you. You must know what and how to inspect since any dirt or dust that has been left can still potentially grow over time and end up making you and your family sick.

Check out the floors and carpet for any dust or stain that might have been left off, run your finger across furniture and surfaces such as tables, desks, shelves or countertops to see if dust may still have stuck. Examine the room’s corners and spaces under the chair or couch to fully confirm that no debris or dirt has been left out.

Once you give your approval, the professional cleaners will provide you with some useful tips to help you maintain the pristine state your house or office is in. Finally, the final stage is done!


Professional cleaning service providers such as DFY Cleaner will surely get the cleanup job done without any hassle. Now that you know the process conducted by a cleaning company, you can now book one with confidence that they’ll do the job well.